Wreckonomics™ Dispatches: NACE/Automechanica 2018

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Just back from NACE/Automechanica and the Collision Industry Conference CIC. Craig Roberts and I attended and had a chance to meet up with many old friends and new ones from across the Property and Casualty arena. As well as other vendors and enterprises.


The conversations we had continued to affirm in our minds that the low value and end of life vehicle is going to present significant problems to insurers and enterprise sellers. The trade show floor was a cross-section of service providers and repair tools and vendors.


Special shout out to Enterprise Rent A Car for a fantastic reception at the Atlanta Aquarium. I was the envy of two-year-olds everywhere and most especially our Vice President of Baby Laughs: Josephine.


Joe HearnWreckonomics™ Dispatches: NACE/Automechanica 2018

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