Porsche Boxster for American Cancer Society

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A 1999 Porsche Boxster with only 23,553 miles was just donated to the American Cancer Society by John and Ann in California. They purchased the Porsche in 1999, they were the original owners, and it was garaged for most of that time. When asked why they chose the American Cancer Society, John responded,

“My Wife and I support a several causes which include higher education and health care. We are very active with hospitals in particular. We liked the idea that the American Cancer Society had more money going back to them rather than the lower percentages that we saw while doing research. American Cancer Society is an excellent cause, so it was an easy decision. We had talked about the different charities back and forth, and we felt that this car was a special car and should go to a special charity. It seemed like the perfect fit.”

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The Porsche is their first vehicle donation to the American Cancer Society, but they have donated several vehicles in the past to other charities. John said he had regretted not knowing about the American Cancer Society’s vehicle donation program sooner. John  spoke highly of the smooth donation process; the representatives they spoke to were very pleasant and the couple are happy with the outcome.

I had asked John if they would donate a vehicle to the American Cancer Society again in the future and he said “Oh yes I would! It is now at the top of my list if I do it again in the future!”

If you would like information on how you can donate a car, give us a call at 888-227-5500 or fill out the donation form online at https://www.cardonationwizard.com/american-cancer-society/info/car-donation-to-cars-for-a-cure.html

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Kristina WilliamsPorsche Boxster for American Cancer Society

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