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Over the last five weeks I’ve done a bit of traveling. Crisscrossing the country several times; 16 flights, over 20000 miles, 7 hotels, dozens of taxis, 5 hotel gyms, 2 hotel pools, 1 yoga studio and counting all the restaurants would only give me indigestion. I have two very busy periods annually for travel; spring and fall. After 8 years of running the company and traveling 20 weeks a year, I sometimes feel like I’m as battered as my suitcase.
In today’s digital age you may wonder “why do we have to ‘be’ so many places?”. Can’t we attend things virtually? Do we need to attending far flung shows and exhibitions, visit with clients for a brief meeting when a call might suffice …

Well, after five weeks on the road, I can answer the question again, ABSOLUTELY. These trips aren’t glamorous but they offer so much to ARS and to me personally. It’s important to collaborate with other smart organizations, clients, vendors and even competitors. The trade shows keep us current on innovations into our space.

Let’s review:

Conference of Auto Remarketers (CAR), Las Vegas: focused on vehicle remarketing and automobile auctions. Great networking events, interesting technological advances, current market data and the collective intelligence of the best remarketers in the world. From small companies to multinational corporations and auto manufacturers, a terrific group.

Collision Industry Conference (CIC), Atlanta: Body Shops, Insurance Companies, Vendors, Auctions, Repair Facilities talking about ways to improve the industry.

Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP), Baltimore, MD: the largest annual meeting of not for profit professionals. Bright, talented people working hard to make a difference in the world. Fantastic speakers, inspiring stories and new friends.

Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI), Vancouver, Canada: International conference focused on recycling/sustainability. Emerging technologies, innovation and environment.

Social Enterprise Greenhouse (SEED), Providence, RI: A gathering of entrepreneurs, investors and students focusing on building an ecosystem to support the growth of Social Enterprise.

United Recyclers Group (URG), Denver, CO: An international group of the very best automobile recyclers and a valued partner of ARS. 2015 annual conference. Excellent education and networking sessions.

New Ideas are the lifeblood of a small company. We have to be out there having conversations, bringing home what we learn and becoming smarter as an organization. It’s not just me as President either, ARS employees are out in the world attending marketing conferences, web development meetings, seminars, trade shows and conferences. They have the same responsibility I do: GATHER & SHARE. Find what matters, identify what makes can make us better, stronger, faster. Find ideas will challenge the way we do business and let’s follow that path.

Now, I am finally back at home and office. Weary but feeling very fortunate. Fortunate to have seen old friends and acquired new ones. Excited about new ideas and following the examples of some very smart people.

Next airport in 12 days …

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Joe HearnPlaces To Be, People To See