Best For Rhode Island: Community Giving Award

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On September 24, Social Enterprise Greenhouse recognized six companies as the Best for Rhode Island. The categories for recognition are Environmental Sustainability, Community Giving, and Outstanding Achievement.

The Best for Rhode Island initiative encourages in-state business to focus on their community impact and provides tools for self-assessment. Companies shouldn’t just try to be the best in the state, but the best for the state.

Advanced Remarketing Services received recognition for Community Giving with our charity car donation service, Car Donation Wizard. We specialize in automotive recycling in all sectors, and our charity car donation program brings returns well over twice the industry average.

Best for Rhode Island
Rep. James Langevin pictured with president and CEO Joseph Hearn. [Photo Courtesy of Social Enterprise Greenhouse]

Here at Advanced Remarketing Services, we work tirelessly to support our charities through Car Donation Wizard. Every day, we work to guarantee the highest returns in the industry.

We have returned over 80% of the gross proceeds to charity, which sets us apart from any other program. In the past decade, our car donation program has raised over $150 million for our charities. We work with some of the most trusted and recognized charities in the country. Our charity partners include Habitat for Humanity, the American Cancer Society, UNICEF, and National Public Radio.

This recognition for our charitable contributions to our community locally and nationally is quite an honor, although the satisfaction of supporting our charities certainly feels like reward enough.

2018 was a significant year for our organization. We passed the mark of $150,000,000 raised for charity and will continue supporting our incredible charities. We are proud to be named Best for Rhode Island and look forward to making the state a better place, one donation at a time.


Joe HearnBest For Rhode Island: Community Giving Award

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