One of Our Favorite People: Frank Siembab

Special Olympics Winner and ARS’ Resident Songmaster

An employee of Advanced Remarketing Service since 2017, Frank was hired by ARS before we knew him as a Rhode Island Hero and Special Olympics Legend. Frank came to work with us through a partnership with the James L. Maher Center and has been a valued member of our team ever since. He’s been our head cheerleader, our resident songmaster and a source of endless joy to be around.

Let’s get to the bragging:

Over the years, Frank has won over 100 medals at the Rhode Island Special Olympics and the National Games. Frank has medals in swimming, softball, track and field, and soccer.

In honor of his prodigious athletic feats, Frank was named McDonald’s Inspirational Athlete of the Year, Rhode Island Unsung Hero Award, Rhode Island’s Athlete of the year and in 2017, inducted into the Town of Warren Athletic Hall of Fame.

Special Olympics 2019

A large group of coworkers joined Frank at the 2019 Rhode Island Special Olympics as volunteers. We witnessed his athletic feats and the gold medal winning throw in the softball toss. With great pride, we want to thank Frank Siembab for his laughter, his spirit and his contributions as a member of our team.

ARS is proud to be the National partner of Special Olympics Vehicle Donation Program.  Working together with donors and Special Olympics Chapters, funds raised through vehicle donation gives Special Olympics athletes the chance to develop physical fitness, compete in Olympic-like sports and experience the joy of sharing their skills with others.

For more information on donating your vehicle to Special Olympics click HERE

Hope MeirelesOne of Our Favorite People: Frank Siembab

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