Low Value Salvage shouldn’t drag recoveries

Traditionally, difficulty with segmentation has pushed low value and commercial salvage to an inefficient and expensive channel. Our innovative solutions connect buyers and sellers of these assets and offers opportunities over the traditional salvage auction.

The ELVX Add-on for Guidewire provides a
seamless path to an alternative Salvage Disposal Method.

ELVExpress integrates seamlessly with Guidewire’s ClaimCenter™ and allows users to easily assign older, high mileage and “end of life” (ELV) vehicles or heavily damaged commercial assets to an alternative salvage process from First Notice of Loss (FNOL) or Total Loss Determination (TLD). ARS manages every step of the disposal service and delivers real-time updates to the client.

Maximize Older units

ElVX delivers triple lift

Higher Recoveries


Auction Buyer & Seller Fees eat up recoveries on ELV.  We reduce transportation and acquisition costs so that our buyers can bid more for the vehicle.  ELVX converts fees savings into recovery.

Reduced Cycle Time


Alternative Title Solutions in the form of parts only/certificate of destruction & salvage exemptions for ELV reduce cycle time and processing. Bidding directly compresses pickup and sale interval.

Reduced LAE


Estimates on low value & predictive total losses can be completed more easily. The ELVX Method of Inspection for low value losses can be obtained via the storage location, residence or buyer lot.

How it Works

Benefits Include:

  • Segmentation tools to identify predictive total loss of ELV units
  • Streamlined processing within ClaimCenter
  • Customized configurations & dynamic workflows
  • Drastically discounted fees for buyer & seller   
  • Higher Recoveries Gross & Net
  • Alternative Title Solutions for faster processing
  • Alternative Method of Inspection for faster settlement
  • Automated notifications & custom reminders within ClaimCenter
  • Comprehensive reporting & KPI, recoveries, milestones and cycle time

ELVX Salvage Solution for Guidewire Video

Jason MoroneyELVX – Guidewire Add-On