Electric Vehicles are the Greener Choice

Have you considered switching to an electric vehicle to do more for the environment, only to be confused if it really is an environmentally sound option? For many years, there has been debate over whether or not electric cars really are the greener choice when considering the manufacturing process to create new vehicles, including hard to source materials for batteries, and the emissions from power plants to create electricity. But according to a recent study by Yale School of the Environment, the debate has finally been settled. The carbon emissions from electric vehicles, including factoring in the indirect emissions from the supply chain and creating electricity for powering the cars, are far less than the emissions from fuel injection vehicles. 

A key part of the study was proving that the indirect carbon emissions from EV’s are much less than indirect carbon emissions from fossil-fuel powered vehicles, and that’s before taking into consideration direct emissions from the tailpipe for conventional vehicles or at the power plant that produces electricity for the EV vehicles. This is great news! 

If you have an older vehicle and are considering making the switch to an electric car, you can now make two great choices for the planet. On the one hand, your older vehicle will likely be sold to an auto-recycler who process the vehicle according to a set of environmental standards ensuring that chemical fluids are trapped properly, any parts that can be resold or reused are done so, and remaining materials are shredded and then reused in the auto-manufacturing process. And on the other hand, if you replace your old car with an electric car, this will help reduce carbon emissions moving forward. And to make this even sweeter, your donation will help raise critical funds for a non-profit organization of your choice. Wins all around! 

To learn more and donate your car, check out Car Donation Wizard for more information. 

To learn more about the importance of electric vehicles and cutting carbon emissions click here.


Emily PochmanElectric Vehicles are the Greener Choice

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