Newport Night Run

ARS is Sponsoring Newport Night Run 2022

Advanced Remarketing Services is a proud sponsor of this year’s Behan Bros. Newport Night Run! We are excited to support a nonprofit in our local community. Newport’s annual after-hours 5K starts and finishes at Rogers High School and benefits the Newport Public Education Foundation. The race will be held on April 9, 2022 at 7:30pm.

Car Donation Wizard raises 200 Million dollars

$200 Million Raised for Charity

Advanced Remarketing Services is proud to announce that we have helped raise over $200 million for our charity partners through our Car Donation Wizard program! We’d like to thank all our donors for their generous car donations which have made it possible for us to reach this milestone! We proudly return 75-80% of every gross

Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice  Both the longest and shortest days on the planet. For the Northern and Southern hemispheres the solstice dates are flipped. The hemispheres exist above and below the earth’s equator. Summer Solstice – the beginning of summer – and when the North Pole is titled the closest to the sun, meaning it is also the

ARS Excellence in Business Award 2020

ARS Awarded the 2020 Excellence in Business Award

On February 26th, The Greater Newport Chamber of Commerce hosted its Annual Excellence in Business Awards at Oceancliff. The Awards recognize and celebrate outstanding business achievement in the Greater Newport, RI area. Advanced Remarketing Services was honored to accept the 2020 Newport Chamber of Commerce Excellence in Business Big Business Award. The nominations for each

Women's Day ARS

International Women’s Day at ARS

Interview Day at ARS 2019 In honor of Women’s Day I would like to recognize ARS. Since entering the ARS office, I had only spoken to women and I was surprised by the woman to man ratio (65% female and 35% male). Check Coming from a highly-malecentric corporate job – it was refreshing and it

Leap Year 2020 Birthday

Leap Day: Year 2020

Things to Know About Leap Day – Year 2020 Leap Day Originated with the Egyptians  The Leap Year tradition didn’t reach Rome until Julius Caesar Leap Day is a way to make sure time in true with the rotation of the Earth Each year, a quarter-day is earned; therefore, 1 leap day is added every four

Random Acts of Kindness Day

2/17 Random Acts of Kindness Day

Random Acts of Kindness Day Random Acts of Kindness Day – it’s a thing. Some of you may have been socialized with the day back in college. Others of you may be beaming with positivity and 100% have this day marked on your calendar like its a national holiday. And some look up ways to


Car Talk Radio & Car Donation

In honor of World Radio Day, we would like to honor the radio and one of our partners – Car Talk Radio and car donation. The History of the Radio, Car Talk, and Car Donations 1900-1930: Discovery – Testing – Mainstream Wireless Telegraph was mainly used by Navy Fleets in the San Francisco ports and

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Years 2020

  It’s 2020 and we celebrated its coming. However, it’s not quite over for some of us. We still have Chinese New Year around the corner! We often forget about the lunar calendar and that’s what various countries in Asia still follow. Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring Festival, is never the same

ACS Charity Car Donation

World Cancer Day: ACS and Car Donations

World Cancer Day – Car Donation World Cancer Day is internationally marked on February 4th. On this day, we hope to gain awareness about the prevention, detection, and treatment of cancer. One out of three people will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime and 9 million people worldwide die from cancer each year. To